About Me

Hi there

My name is Susanne d’Bargnet and I have been passionate about books from the moment I could read. The days and hours I have spent in books shops both new and antique have filled my home with both hard and paperbacks that give me so much joy.

After reading for decades, I began writing a long time ago but never had the confidence to show my work to others, then I met my now husband who pushed and gave me the confidence to finally get my work out there. So here I am, Susanne d’Bargnet, first time published author!

My husband and I live in a darling town amidst the Adelaide Hills wine region in South Australia and I must admit there are many wineries who know our faces very well.
On weekends just for fun we pack ourselves up into our car and travel around. Exploring new shops, meeting new people and enjoying everything our region has to offer.

Hopefully, you will like what I write and I encourage you to leave reviews on the ebook platform that you have used, even if you don’t like my writing rate the book.

a few facts about me: 

1.      Collect pretty note books  – don’t always use them but gee they are great to look at

2.      Have a sister and a brother neither whom live in Adelaide

3.      Have a son and a daughter whom I dote on

4.      Am a stationeryholic – will never run out of pens if there is an arctic winter

5.      Have a life size cardboard cut out of Hugh Jackman (see picture) in corner of my study –  very inspirational!