Every time you write something, you create the possibility of something big happening

-Garth Nix
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Author bio

Hi there

My name is Susanne d’Bargnet.  I have been writing for many years but in 2016 I decided that it was time to move into print and ebooks.

Hopefully you will like what I write and I encourage you to leave reviews on the ebook platform that you have used, even if you don’t like my writing rate the book.

Please join up for the newsletter that I will be periodically sending out.  Just to keep in touch.

Preview Chapters

July 2018

All geared up for the RWA 2018 Conference in Sydney. Have all the details ironed out and meeting friends at the airport so that we can catch the train into town together.  That way if we get lost we won’t panic! Staying @Medina Serviced Apartments Sydney Martin Place which is only 5 minutes walk from the conference venue The Sofitel Wentworth.  In the meantime, I am heading off to Perth to visit family and try and get some more writing done.  I need to have more written before I pitch to a couple of publishers. Need to know exactly how this story is going to pan out.  Have a couple of ideas but not sure which way the characters are going to go!  Hopefully only need another 40,000 words which can do if uninterrupted.!!

Can’t wait to catch up with family and friends in Perth. Am needing my cat catch up at www.purrth.com The Cat Cafe Perth in Subiaco.  Had a great time last year when there.

The only thing that I don’t have organised is an outfit for the Cocktail party on the first night.  Need a Tiara as the theme is Tiaras and Tuxedoes! Will have to go hunting for that.

Thank you to Laura of Dillons Bookshop 166 The Parade Norwood for taking my book Rescued and putting it on their shelves. Thanks  heaps. Www.dillonsnorwoodbookshop.com.au


April 2018

Hi there

Have been busy writing the next great novel!

Abandoned the one I was writing last year because I wasn’t happy with it.  Will probably come back to it sometime later and fix it. I won’t completely let it go, I have invested over 50,000 words and they were hard work. So I have just put it away for now.

Working on a story set in Colorado next to the Rocky Mountain National Park and near the ski resorts and three hours out of Denver.  The research has been fun and am now ready to buckle down and write.

As you can see from the picture I have been very busy with the research. Go the motorbike, place of the ranch, the Rural Setting Thesaurus is wonderful for outside descriptions.  I have marked every page that relates to the story. So have lots of descriptors for the scenery.  Found the great notebook in K-Mart.  Blah Blah Blah is a wonderful title for my notes on the story. I need to write heaps of stuff about the places, people and things they do. I have to understand everything about my characters before I can put their story to paper.

Anyone out there want to help with the name of bad rancher dude who is trying to steal the Hero’s land? I can’t seem to find one bad enough.  Something really country and bad!! Just message me on Facebook and I will send you the first three chapters of the book.

Catch up soon

Susanne 🙂

February 2018

Cannot believe so much time has passed. Where has it all gone? Firstly got some good feedback from the publishers about my book however the feedback means that I have to virtually rewrite the complete story. I think my point of view needs tweeking.

Loved Christmas 2017 with my family and friends. Have a wonderful time and even Hugh Jackman got in on the act. Here he is getting ready to distribute the presents.

Hope you and yours had a great Christmas and that 2018 brings you nothing but happiness and joy.

Getting ready to retire from my full time job really soon so that I can devote my time to full time writing. I can’t wait. Just a few more weeks.

October 2017

Well, dear friends, I have finally been able to send the pitch and first three chapters to the publishers that I met at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Brisbane this year.  It has taken a while, writing the pitch of an 80,000-word book in two pages is really not easy, especially when you want to convey the nuances of the storyline.  But I think I have managed to do this.  So please keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully the next book will be picked up by a lovely publishing house instead of me self-publishing !!

August 2017

We all had a fantastic time at the Romance Writers Conference in Brisbane. The city is so pretty, even though we only got to see some of it at night when we went checking out the restaurants.  The weather was great, lovely and sunny along with nice nights.

I got to pitch my second book  to three publishers and they all seemed interested. Now have to write the Synopsis and finalise the first three chapters, as in edit the bejesus out of it so that it is polished and perfect.

It was so good to catch up with Janet Gover, EC Del Zuanne, Alison Stuart, Delwyn Jenkins and many many more. We learnt so much and took so many notes I got RSI.

The organisers did a fantastic job getting all the presenters together, there were even people from Google Play and digital2print to discuss our needs for loading our books on line and self publishing.

As usual my suitcase put on more weight than I did over the weekend, but still within the airline limitations Phew.

Have add some photos of our trip.

A few of us having a great time over Sunday lunch.

Every writers envy, really expensive fountain pens.  So nice to write with. Found this in a Pen shop window in the Brisbane Arcade. So got myself a new fountain pen, though it didn’t cost nearly as much as what was on display.

A small peek of the Brisbane Arcade. Lovely old architecture and window displays.

One of a pair of lions guarding Brisbane Town Hall.  He reminded me of Aslan from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe! Very majestic.

April 2017

Hi there,

Well I cant believe where all the time has gone, one minute Christmas now Easter is nearly upon us.  Hope you all have a great time with your family and friends.  I will be writing hopefully but will spend time with the family.  I love Easter such a renewing time of the year.

I am up to 30000 words on my new manuscript.  Can’t wait to share it, though at the moment the characters are being difficult, the storyline is not going in the direction that I had originally planned.  I am hoping to get my short story up on the website for you guys to read.  I am busy saving for the RWA Conference in Brisbane, which will be fantastic the program is packed with good things to do.

Look out for my short story “Found” here.

April 2017

Hi there

Cant believe that it is nearly April. Boy where has the time gone.

My book is now available as an e-book (yeah happy dance !) at the following sites.

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/706922 this is in epub format


A2S0TE this is kindle format.

If you could leave a review where you purchased it that would be fantastic.

Thanks for your support.

March 2017

Hi there,

Well the first book is now published Yeah!

If you want to purchase it please go to


now available for the public to purchase on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Rescued-Susanne-dBargnet/dp/1925595102/

The ebook version will take another week or two to get on line but will keep you posted.

Thanks for your support.

February 2017

Hi there everyone,

January was exciting as I got the second edit back from the publisher and finished if off with only four errors (yeah!) and got the proofs back from Scarlett Rugers Book Design Company and
approved them. So it is all go for the book. Haven’t got a date as yet but I am sure that the publishers are onto it.

Got my proof copy in the mail today (2/2/17) and now have to check it out and make sure that it is really good. So we are very close to go launch. Yeah. The cover is fantastic Scarlett Rugers Book,Design Co did a great job http://booksat.scarlettrugers.com/

Found a few errors and Ally from Mosh Publishing have fixed them up and now we are ready to send back to the printer. Hopefully all will be ready by the end of the week.

Am attending the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Melbourne at the Rydges Hotel at the end of February.

Will give me the opportunity to catch up with several writer friends and family while I am there. Quite a few RWA authors will be there conducting workshops and sessions, so I will be able to catch up with them again since the RWA Conference last August. The chance to learn new things is always exciting for me.

When we get the publishers date it will be uploaded along with the links to purchase soft cover and ebooks. We (the royal we – my husband and I) thought that we could do a launch in Adelaide. Not exactly sure where and cant actually do that without a date !! but keep an eye out for it. I will put it on line as soon as I organise it. Will probably do it after the ARR Convention.

Check my book out !! it looks and feels wonderful. Finally dream come true after so many years.


January 2017 – Happy New Year to you all. Hope that you had a great Christmas and will all enjoy a wondrous 2017 with lots of adventure and happiness.

For me just trying to get the manuscript edited has been a challenge. With Christmas and family visiting and then New Year celebrations it has been very hectic and I haven’t had the time to edit as much as I wanted. But now that the new year is well and truly happening I have to get on with it so that my dream can come true. As of the 5th January only have 83 pages to go. Soon it will be back with the publishers. I am also working on the back cover and have written the acknowledgements. Didn’t know there was so much to do. Thought I only had to write the book!

I have been re-reading S E Smith’s books lately. She is a great writer and does science fiction adventure romance. Love the combination and she is very good at it. Catch up with her latest releases at http://sesmithfl.com/

December 2016

Merry Christmas to you all. I love Christmas and am busy decorating our new house that we moved into in August after years of planning and finally building! I have wrapped all the presents and can’t wait for the big day when family and friends gather. So excited. Check out the best Christmas trees http://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/the-best-christmas-trees-in-the-world/

On the manuscript front things are going very well. The Cover has been approved and is ready to go thanks to Scarlett Ruger http://booksat.scarlettrugers.com/ she is great at taking your words and putting it into a cover. There will be a big cover reveal when it is finally all together.

The publishers have sent me the proofs for the book copy and I have found so many errors you would not have thought that I had edited it at all! So many full stops missing, unbelievable. So at this very moment I am busy trying to make sure that it is perfect. This could take some time, apparently this book has 346 pages !!

November 2016 – Working hard, got my first manuscript sent to the publishers this week. Hopefully it will be published very soon as an ebook and hard copy. Can’t wait to get some feedback from you all. When the cover is formalised I will post a picture of it on this page. Have also been writing my third story The Submissive. Have only got about 8,000 words done so far but it is coming along quite nicely.
My first short story is ready to go as well but need to save some money to get it published. It will be only published as an ebook as it is only 18,000 words, definitely not long enough to publish as a hard copy.

October 2016 – I am very busy at the moment trying to finalise the edits of my book Rescued to get it published before Christmas. Then have to re-edit Found and get that out there as well. Both first chapters are available on the excerpts page.
Need to start the next book, have a hero whose name is Marco Cipriani and he owns a restaurant attached to the local Ds club. So there is plenty of play with food and Dominants and subbies. Story starting to fall into place. Just need a location.

September 2016 – editing furiously after having my editor Chris have a go at it. Boy does Rescued need heaps of work. Have a meeting with the Lovely Scarlett Rugers to discuss the book cover. She is fantastic when it comes to book covers.

August 2016 – attended the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Glenelg South Australia. Had a great time catching up with everyone and meeting new friends. It was the 25th conference and my second. Got lots of new ideas and learnt a whole heap as well. As you can see I brought home a couple of mementos